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Default Been A While But Back Again

Wow, this is a long thread. I kind of lost track of what was going on. Since I started this thread long ago, and found the answer to my question, I haven't been back. It's nice to see so many comments, questions, and answers.

As for me, I still use the protection wax I bought from McMaster Carr. I bought a hotplate on eBay and use a small old kitchen pot my wife abandoned years ago to melt it. It works great.

I was finally pushed out of my basement shop. I was completing my basement and trying to use it as a workshop both at the same time. I finally reached the point where renovations and shop tools could no longer coexist. The result was a nice new 20' x 30' woodworking shop, the cost of which my wife accepted as a necessary evil if her basement was ever to be reclaimed.

It a wonderful little shop with insulation, heat, bathroom, and other needed accoutrements, including a two stage dust collection system. After a contractor friend built the shell, I did the rest of the building myself. I even added a fridge to keep cold drinks in. I absolutely love it. Since I'm old and retired my beautiful wife thinks I'll die before I get enough use out of it to make it cost effective. That may be true but I'll die happy.

As a followup to one of my previous comments, I now have some eight or ten inexpensive eBay bought used routers setup with my most used bits and setting on shelves for easy access. I can grab one, make a few cuts, and have it back on the shelf in no time. This system is less expensive than you might think and, I my humble opinion, it's the only way to go. Life is good.

Thanks everyone for all you help and comments.

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