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Originally Posted by reuelt View Post
This is a reconstructed manual of the ELU DB-180 Lathe using materials mainly from
Dalton has taken off the download link that's why I choose to upload my reconstructed manual here.

This is NOT a complete manual. The assembly instructions has been removed since a vintage ELU DB-180 bought used would have been assembled already.
The original manual was in German and since Dalton only made the translations of the text to English, diagrams (fig##) referred to are missing.
Would anyone with the original German manual please scan it and upload it here to make the instructions complete? (I do not need it - it's for the sake of others.)

Dear Reuel, I am desperate to have some form of manual for this DB180, as I cannot remove the centre drive 4 pronged huge nut off the spindle, to expose the M18 X 2.5 thread. I am told that I can then buy a threaded adapter to increase the thread size to 1" x 8 tpi. From there I can buy a chuck to fot this thread. I would be most grateful if you could advise me as to how I can remove this drive centre nut. Then I can move on and get tyhings going. Thank you so very much for any help you could possibly give at this present time. Yours Sincerely Mr David Hamilton.
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