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Originally Posted by difalkner View Post
I have two 'L' brackets, one small and one larger. They were cut on the CNC and holes bored for dowels on both the brackets and spoilboard so I can take them on/off and know they're in perfect registration each time.

When I started using the CNC I located to the left bottom corner but have switched to almost entirely the center of the piece to be cut. Like Oliver, I find it much easier to locate the center 'X' than to hit the corner precisely.

For mounting I just use drywall screws directly into the spoilboard but occasionally use small homemade clamps. When the screws are flush with the top of the work piece I never have to be concerned with hitting a clamp with the bit.

I home the machine each time I start it and X0 Y0 is different for each job so it wouldn't do me much good to have a fixed position for that. I also move pieces all over the table to help distribute wear on the moving parts.

Here are the simple L brackets with dowels and a piece I'll cut later today with the center already marked. The brackets are not fastened or pressed down when this photo was taken.
Attachment 359491
Yea... those L's really save the day at times. Like today I cut a rectangle acrylic w/ rounded ends.
I thought vinyl was for the lettering, my boss thought I was cutting it out. Guess who wins.
So I made a small jig to take the rounded end on left/bottom sides and cut away. Worked great.
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