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Originally Posted by TenGees View Post
I wonder if the numbers were different for Canadian models, maybe just a couple of digits. I've noticed that on laptops and Coleman lanterns, when trying to find manuals.
Good morning @TenGees . I had responded to and submitted a response to your post but forgot to login. Came back to find that all was lost. In any case, you are correct. I have been in IT for a few decades and have seen this happen a lot. Not only do the model numbers vary but some of the products just outright never make it to Canadian store shelves.

This happens far too often. I have experienced some of that myself recently with certain products that I saw being used in online tutorials and was hoping to purchase locally. A couple of examples: Loctite aerosol glues - Owens Corning 700 series insulation. Back in 2016 I had to drive out to the Canada / US border to pick up some adhesive laser printer labels that I had shipped to Kinek. Looked high and low. The size I was looking for was nowhere to be found in all of Canada. Contacted Avery and all. So sad!

102 W. Service Rd, #7517957
Border Mail Depot - Kinek
Champlain, NY

The list goes on. Have a safe and wonderful weekend! Peter

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