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Originally Posted by Cherryville Chuck View Post
Electrocuted while wood burning sounds like it Doug. With a standard hot iron almost all the current is converted to heat by resistance so virtually no chance he could be electrocuted that way. I've read that sticking a knife into an active toaster isn't as dangerous as it is reputed because of that reason.
whoever is posting that misinformation is putting people's lives at risk!. you still have 120 volts at a high current on the hot leg of the appliance, that is NOT converted or used!.. make a good enough connection to that, and ground or the neutral, and you can be killed!. what they should have mentioned is that High Voltage at a high current is more dangerous, because I=E/R which is the current equals the voltage divided by the resistance, so the more voltage, the more current can flow with a set resistance!. something like a microwave transformer can supply 1 amp, way more than enough to kill you!..
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