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Patrick Spielman wrote some pretty good books too. Hylton's might be better. Most of us have built our own tables and fences. You get what you want that way and at a much lower cost. You can repurpose materials for them to keep the cost down, For example you can take the sink cutout of a kitchen counter top and make a medium size table out of it. There are enough posts and pictures of tables and fences on this forum to keep you occupied for a good amount of time. Just type router table into the Community Search function and get comfortable.

You have two choices for mounting the router. One is to just screw it to or through the table top. The other is to buy a table insert plate (Grizzly sells them for $13 last time I bought one) and mount the router to the plate and inset the plate into your table. Unless you can find one (plate or table) that B & D offered for that router then you won't find one that was made to fit it.

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