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Originally Posted by new2routing View Post
Good day;
my father-in-law passed onto me his B&D 7620. It is my first router. I have used a router once before , so have a general idea what it can do and how, but would like to get my hands on:
1) a clear manual/instruction (paper preferred, on-line OK) describing what it can be done, which bits to use, and generally how to use the router; any recommendation?
Any lead is appreciated.
I'm a new member and cannot post URLs yet, but this post gets me one more closer.

Do a web search on this string: "black & decker 7620 Manual"

The first link that came up is for a free PDF file download that you can then print. I looked at it and there isn't all that much of the kind of info you may be looking for, but it is the manual for your router.

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