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Buying a cheap saw is unlikely to do you much good. I had a used Ryobe for a couple of days when I first started and immediately put it into recycler. This one is a newer model and might work out for awhile. But read on...

No way most of us will touch a Craftsman tool new or used--no parts available when it breaks. Used table saws are not really that hard to find if you're patient. Hold out for something by Bosch if you can in the portable saw category.

The table saw is the center of any shop. You can replace some of its functions with a circular saw with a clamped-on straight edge and premium blade, but it will never have the precision possible with a decent table saw.

I'd keep looking, including estate sales, online and yard sales. Several people here have found really top notch table saws at estate or garage sales where the sellers really had no idea of the value.

My first decent table saw was a clearance item at Lowes, $300 for a Delta contractor saw, still in the box. Worked for me for several years and now in my Son in Law's garage. My personal view is that an acceptable table saw like the Bosch 4100, is worth saving up, and even a little debt. Buy in haste and regret at leisure.

Hopefully, others will chime in soon with alternatives. Some like the new DeWalt portable contractor saw, but not sure if there are many used ones out there. Be sure the saw you buy will take at least a 6 inch dado blade set. Some have arbors that are too short to accept a set, and you will very quickly need to get a set.

Since you're relatively new to woodworking, I've attached a pdf of an article on the 17 things that accelerated my learning over the past decade or so. Hopefully it will help you avoid some of the costly lessons I learned. It's long but has pictures. Keep it around for re-reading from time to time. Next thing to get after the table saw is a really good dust mask.
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