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@Stick486 If you posted this twice does that mean that you wouldn't touch it with a 200' pole. Just teasing!

Thank you all for your input. I really do appreciate it.

The reality is that I have that acoustic panel project that I would like to get started on. Sure, I can wait till the ultimate deal comes along but this has been dragging on for a while. Holidays and all. There is always an excuse I guess.

Or I can go out and spend close to a thousand dollars after taxes on a Bosch 4100-10. Unfortunately, that is not possible for me at the moment.

What I am going to do with the few pieces of woodworking tools that I have picked up after I am done building my panels is another matter. Which is the main reason why I do not want to spend more than I have to in order to complete the work. I have been looking at local classified ads for quite a while. And frankly, there is so little available in the way of decent quality tools. At least in the area that I live in. It's pretty much all the same ad after ad:

People unloading their old tools - Craftsman, B&D, Skilssaw, Delta, etc. For the most part they all seem to have served in some World War.

Not to mention that once the acoustic treatment is finished in my room, there is more audio gear that I will be purchasing soon after. I had even considered renting the tools that I need versus a straight out purchase. The problem with that is that the time that I can dedicate to the completion of my panels may be staggered. So, renting may not be a wise option!

I need more time to think about all this. Sorry about the long-winded post.

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