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Originally Posted by Cherryville Chuck View Post
If the Sears has an iron top instead of aluminum I would go with it. I bought a Craftsman like the Ryobi a few years ago. The fence was a problem. It was difficult to line up straight. I had to check every time I moved it to see if it was parallel to the blade which was a PITA. It wouldn't stay put during a cut until I glued some sandpaper to the back clamp. It was under powered but if I took my time I could get past that problem. You can't expect a saw like that to perform like a Unisaw or Powermatic 66.
Thank you @Cherryville Chuck . I contacted the woman who is selling the Craftsman. Actually, it used to belong to her father. Sadly, he passed away a few weeks ago. She could not provide me with a model number at the time but she is supposed to get back to me today. I am certain that she won't be able to tell me if the top is iron or aluminum. I would have to go out to see it in person.

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