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That was also my first router.... My wife bought it new for me as a Christmas present back in the 70's and I still have it, but only very rarely use it because I now have 12 others. The fact that it was my first, and was a gift, is probably why it's still around. It's a great little router to get started with. It came in a metal box and had an edge guide included with it.

Back then my router table consisted of a piece of cabinet birch plywood with a 1 1/2" hole in it for the bit and two holes for attaching the router with flat head bolts and wing nuts. The fence was a jointed piece of straight 2 X 4 with a notch in it to clear the router bit and two clamps. Funny, the router is still in my shop, but this router table is long gone. I initially used it by clamping it in my Work-Mate, but later drilled two holes in it along one edge and just screwed it to the edge of my work bench so it hung off the side whenever I wanted to use it. I later needed to extend a router bit further than it could be done safely, so I routed away a 3/8 deep pocket in the under side for the router base to fit up into. This gave me the additional bit height that I needed. That router and table helped me build some pretty fine pieces of furniture. It was only after I set up a permanent shop years later that I built a real router table and started acquiring additional routers.

It wouldn't take much to build a router table like this, the cost to make it would be very reasonable, and it would be a great way to get started using your new/old router.


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