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Default Byrd Shelix for Dewalt 735

I have a Dewalt 735 planner and it is a work horse. I have planned thousands of feet of domestic hardwood since 2011 and the machine is rock solid. My only complaint is the knives get nicked and you have to run your piece through twice to get rid of the little ridges. I do not run glue lines through the planner so the nicks are just a by product of using the machine.

The knives are about $54.00 US to buy and last a good long while but always get the nicks.

I can replace the cutter head with a Byrd Shelix Carbide Cutter Head for $360.00 from Amazon with Prime, which I already have.

I have read that the Byrd head leaves very small ridges and valleys due to the way the cutters slice the wood. Most say that a pass through a drum sander removes the small waves created by the cutter head. I have a Jet 16/32 Drum Sander and usually run wood through after planning any way.

So a new Dewalt 735 is about $564.00 on Amazon. My planner is in good shape but may require some maintenance in the future.

The Byrd Head is $360 and that would buy about 6 sets of the HHS Dewalt knives at Lowes at $54.00 a set.

What would you do, buy more HHS steel knives, replace with a Byrd head or buy carbide tipped knives for $161.00 a set which would be about two sets instead of the Byrd.

The Byrd has its plus and minus and if you nick a blade you can replace one or two and really you turn the cutter not replace. The carbide tipped knives may have the same issues ad the HHS knives which are very easy to nick.

What would you do to fix the nicking issue, replace the head with Byrd, replace with carbide tipped knives, or just keep using the HHS OEM knives?

Let me know what you think. I could buy a new planner with the Byrd Head but that would be rather expensive and the 12.5" planner is really big enough for what I do. A larger planner is nice but not a necessity for me.

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