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Originally Posted by difalkner View Post
It occurs to me that I have never posted into this Woodturning and Lathes area, so I guess this is a first. A friend asked me to cut him a 16" Longworth chuck so today I tested my drawing that I did in Fusion 360 by cutting a 12" chuck. Looks like it came out just fine so I thought I would offer them in our Etsy shop. You can click on the link in my signature and see the offering but I didn't want to post a link like I was pushing it, just thought you lathe guys might want to see this -

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I used to turn a fair amount and still have my Oliver 8' bed lathe but it's not being used 'cause it's 3 phase and I don't have time to do any turning anyway. So if y'all see something in the Etsy listing that doesn't look right or that I have worded incorrectly I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks!

David, I have a question.

My lathe has 5.5" from the bed to the center of the headstock. With a 10" Longworth Chuck What is the biggest bowl I can hold?

Don in Murfreesboro,Tn.

Measure once cut twice and it's still to short.
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