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Default Triton 2000 Workcentre Assembly?

Originally Posted by Gaia View Post
I'm putting together my Workcentre I don't think we have put the side guard in properly. The screws seem too long to fit, in the way that we have done it.
I've put some photos on Photobucket, showing how far we've got. We had put the Triton saw in situ but removed it to fit the saw height winder attachment.
If you use the zoom feature you can see clearly how the bolts on the side guard don't seem to be right?

In picture isn't the top of the side guard meant to be level with the top chassis bar?
Have we put the base wheels at the correct end?
Thanx for any help on this,
Thanks Harry,
I think the design of the sliding carraige might be different to the one I have, see attached photo, not able to upload, so put picture on Photobucket see

I thought the saw guard was attached to the base plate of the saw. Looking at your photos, seems to be attached to sliding carraige. I have a Triton 235mm TA235CSL. After shopping around a bit in UK. I got it for 149.99 inc vat inc delivery. Smart top quality bit of kit.
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