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Default Letter stencil inlays

Here’s another project I’ve been working on for a while now. Trying to make a set of stencils for 1.25” letters in something more than a basic block font. The picture is the letter M stencil card, the little positioning system i use, and the results it all produces. You just inlay the pieces in the order written on the card. I didn’t bother making the inlay piece as i figure it’ll fit just right by default. I just needed to see that the stencil card works because i didn’t have an M yet.

I know adobe illustrator has the “expand path” function, which would save me about 80% of the time it takes to make each of these cards. If anyone knows of an app i can use on an iPad Pro I’m all ears and willing to pay for the app.

All i need to do is import a font, break the shape of the letter into its appropriate parts to accommodate an inlay kit, then expand the path and print the individual parts on their own page. The advantage to this, i believe, is i can get the individual parts of each letter printed in the same spot relative to the corner of the page, then simple align my paper with the stencil card and trace it with carbon paper. The time saved is in trying to get each piece cut out in precisely the right place on the card.

As i complete different sets in different sizes, etc, I’d be happy to post the digital files here for y’all to have. Y’all have helped me more than you know. Mostly before i joined though.

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