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Default Woodworking Show

So the annual Woodworking Show is in Columbus this week . My wife and I have gone to it for many years and over the last few years it seems to be going downhill. This year it hit bottom. $14 a head to get in and another 5 for parking so $33 before you get in the door. Once inside I discovered that there is little to see or do. There was an excellent class on bandsaws by Carter, Jim Heavey was giving a class on finishing, a booth by Lee Valley with a handful of their inventory, all sales were for orders to be delivered at a later date, a booth by Woodpecker, also with virtually no inventory, microjig had a booth also as did Leaffitters and various other home improvement vendors. Not a single tool company was the past you could expect to see Bosch, Dewalt, and various others in attendance. There were multiple vendors who were peddling ultra cheap junk, stuff that would make HF look like Saks Fifth Avenue, a couple of turning clubs, and precious little else. To say that I was disappointed would be a huge understatement. We were gone within about 90 minutes, with at least 30 minutes spent at the bandsaw demo by Carter. It took almost as long to exit the fairgrounds as the traffic control was horrible and it seemed that everyone wanted to leave. Does anyone attend the woodshow elsewhere and what is your experience like?
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