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At some point the tide turned for all the "shows"...Electronics, Woodworking, even Boat shows...

I guess a vicious cycle happens...maybe it's chicken and egg....

Less purchases at the shows because of prices on the internet...leads to less inventory at the shows...less discounts...less vendors...and the spiral continues.

On the other hand, vendors and manufacturers don't offer the same products and services at the reason to, they get the orders anyway.

Discounts at the shows don't mean anything anymore because same or better prices can be had on line. And what makes it worse, you can't go to the shows and "take it home and play" because all they do is take orders.

The shows were great because you could "touch and feel" used to be a buyer's market. Now the vendors and manufacturers don't need to compete.

Millenials don't need the touch and feel...they don't need to own vs rent. Hell, you can even buy and sell your vehicle without ever leaving your smartphone. They deliver and pick up in your driveway. They don't want to boats because they can rent one for a week or two. Smartphones and iPads/tablets apps even replace marine electronics. Cameras and remotes even allow machines to be controlled from the living room couch.

It's a shame...but the market drives responses...

Don't get the wrong idea...I definitely take advantage of the convenience of technology...but not for everything.


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