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Default upper wheel sliding bracket

Originally Posted by lee.schreiweis View Post
Hi Ron, I am from Australia and have one of these bandsaws but is a WA-14N model although the parts look identical. Do you have any idea where I may be able to get parts from? The upper wheel sliding bracket for adjustment of blade tension has broken and I have not had any luck in finding a supplier of the spare parts. Mine was purchased in 1992 and has served me well under the brand of Elephant.
Hi Lee and Charles:

I don't know about OZ but this is I think what you want. they are notorious for cracking and breaking especially when left under load or over-tightened. Look around OZ for anything that looks like your bandsaw. General International sells two models of the same thing. So does King Canada. King Canada - 14" wood bandsaw KC-1401FX

I hope this helps.

Hi Charles. I got the heads up. I usually try to respond to threads that I've had direct involvement with. My workshop is currently buried under 10 feet of snow so I can't verify some information on this. If there is something you think I should follow up on, you can contact me directly or by pm.

Good to talk with you both. Bye for now.


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