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Originally Posted by difalkner View Post
I assume the best practices for our SuperMax are the same for most drum sanders in wrapping the sandpaper; I leave a gap in the last wrap on the right hand side. If I don't then the paper walks on top of itself after one or two passes of wood through on that end. The manual recommends doing that, as well.

Like this -
Attachment 367985

Btw, this won't help y'all but changing paper on the SuperMax takes all of about 2-3 minutes. I don't know what's different on the clips but I clip the left side, spin the drum to wrap the paper, and clip it into the right side. After a couple of passes I check it to see if either end has loosened any due to paper stretch, the roll settling in, etc.

David, I leave a 1/16 space all the way instead of the wide one on the end.

Both ways are good. The drum expands after some use due to heat build up.

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