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Originally Posted by kywoodchopper View Post
I have the tool and I am not impressed with it. Trying to get it back out isn't easy. I figured whoever developed the sander also developed the tool. As my mama would say...useless as tits on a bull. I tried using dental picks, but they weren't strong enough for the sting. Something tells me I'm not going to heaven after some of the things I said yesterday while working on this sander.
I was like you at first, and just threw the tool in the drawer. Then another wood worker sent me a link to a utube video of how to use the tool and after a couple of tries , I got the hang of it.

Also I found that I had to trim the ends on some of the sanding belts to get the taper narrowed down so that the tensioning spring would tighten the belt. It deepened a lot on how much of the end I put in the starter clip on the left side when I started the sanding belt wrap.

I got so I would buy the rolls of sanding belt from Klingspor that I cut my own belts to length,I used the belt I took off as a pattern. But I could trim the tapers on the end to fit that way with a pair of those 99 cent HF scissors.

Be sure to check the belt tension after you make a couple of runs, like David said, because any slack in the belt will cause overlap and ruin the new belt in a hurry. I hope this helps those are great machines, Malcolm.
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