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I have had my Grizzly drum sander for about 10yrs, I regretted the purchase from the start because changing the paper was at least a 2 hour ordeal. I was to the point of taking it to the dump and doing without a drum sander. As a last gasp effort I bought this hook and loop conversion kit similar to this, It was for a 2 roller machine, but I thought for $41.00 it was worth a shot. I cut the hook and loop to the size of my paper, cleaned the drum with acetone, and installed it. It made all the difference! It now takes me 10 minutes to change the paper and most of that is in cutting the new paper to size.
There are a couple "cons" to this conversion, first it changes the diameter of the drum, so the paper has to be cut from a roll. Next the paper is slightly more expensive, and last the hook and loop creates a "cushion" so you have to take lighter passes. But I have found that the paper lasts much longer and I can't remember the last time the paper caked up and started burnishing the wood.
I still have a full roll of the hook and loop, I don't remember the length, but it is more than enough to do your machine. It's yours for the cost of shipping if you are interested. Just send me a PM.
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