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Originally Posted by Nickp View Post
Gotcha...but now you have me wondering - if you are drifting, basically standing still in water, how does a rudder work for you when there might not be enough movement for steerageway...? Are you concerned more what wind will do to the boat when fishing a shoreline...? Not criticizing your work or idea, just personal wondering...
These small boats are notorious for rotation. They say adding a rudder will help this, so I did it. My experience has been when fishing a shoreline and just letting the boat float or drift, the rear end of the boat tries to spin around and leaves the guy in back no way to cast towards shore. I have to constantly correct it with the motor. I figured this rudder will act the same as having a paddle in the water and resist the rotational turn the boat tries to do. All I'm doing with it is creating a drag when it tries to move or spin sideways, but not hamper forward movement, or reverse, which is why I built it to be retractable when in reverse. It won't get in the way when backing in close to shore, and it won't affect the steering either, if it is retracted. The motor does all the moving and steering. All the rudder has to do is keep the boat tracking in a straight line.
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