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Originally Posted by coxhaus View Post
I looked up the specs for my air compressor. Noise level is Decibel Rating: 80 dBA. It is not rated at what distance. The pump rpm is 2000. This seems loud to me but it may be inline with what is sold today.

I am going to try some antivibration pads to see if it will cut down on noise.
I’ve been reading it’s a lot to do with the intakes , and some have found a way to reduce it with different designed filters /housings etc

Best case scenario would be to have it in my tool shed . I’m not happy with how I designed my tool shed , and wanted to replace it . But because unemployments on the horizon, I don’t want to spend 3 grand on another , or I would put the compressor in there and run an underground trench for the power and air

I donít always insulate , but when I do .
Ok ,I never insulate

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