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Do you mean particle board or MDF? With MDF, you have to pre drill for each screw, if you don't, it will lift out a chunk or cause a split. I have an MDF cabinet, first I ever made, that is holding up OK. It holds the sander and has an MDF door and a shelf that holds a belt sander and the sandpaper. It was put together with rabbets, dados and glue. LOTS OF GLUE. If I were doing it again (no thanks, I'll use ply), I would put a coat of glue on the edges to be connected, let it dry, then re-glue. There area a few screws in it, but all holes were pre drilled.

I have collected a number of sheets of premium 5'x5' Baltic Birch in both half and 3/4 thickness. They are not really that much more expensive than 4x8 big box ply. I keep them covered with canvas and inside the garage so they won't turn yellow from sunlight. I just can't get acceptable results from the crumby ply at the Big Box store, and it's nice to always have some on hand.

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