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I see nothing wrong with the way that you installed those hinges, but next time you may want to build the box complete with the top and bottom installed, then cut the lid free leaving a perimeter piece of the sides still attached to the top. This will stiffen the lid and also make it a bit easier to install the hinges.

When I do this, I always draw a light diagonal line down what will be the front side. A strip of blue tape would work too.
this is to help you keep the front of the box and the front of the lid oriented correctly when it comes time to attach the hinges and latch. It's almost impossible to make a perfectly square box, so keeping the top oriented correctly to the bottom will make both fit together perfectly even if the box is not perfectly square. You can easily see how far out of square your box it if you place the lid on the box 108 degrees out. If the box is perfectly square, it will perfectly fit, but I doubt you will see this happen. I try very hard to get mine perfectly square, but only very rarely can accomplish this.

Then I cut the lid free using my table saw with the blade set for the thickness of the box side. I cut opposite sides. Then I insert small shims and tape them in place to prevent the saw kerf from closing as I make the two final cuts on the two remaining sides. If you don't completely cut through all 4 sides, you can later use a razor knife to separate the lid at the saw kerf and then just sand the edges smooth.


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