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Originally Posted by gmercer_48083 View Post
Let us know how that works out...with photos please.

you asked for it. it aint good but here it is. i dont know what this stuff is but i dont think its strong enough for pocket screws. this stuff was made in the late 60 early 70s. it sure clumps up after drilling pocket holes. i tried connecting 2 mystery boards using a pocket screw. it split badly. i tried to go slow but it split trying to get tight. i tried mystery board to plywood and it was better but still split. those boards will now just be shelves that will slide in on 1x2s that are glued and screwed to the sides and back. wont be pretty but functional. i added 2x4 feet under the bottom shelf so the sides arent bearing all the weight. my mom gave me this thing so i wanted to just cut it enough to make it fit where it had to go but now its more of a frankencabinet.
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