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I just put antivibration pads under my air compressor. It is not as loud as it was. The metal on the brick was causing some kind of ringing added to the noise. My brick in that spot is not very level so I have 2 wood boards to level with the antivibration pads on top between the air compressor and the board. I have a ratchet strap around a 4x4 post and attached to the air compressor at the top where the hold down straps go. It is not tight just taught enough to catch the air compressor incase of a problem. If I tighten the ratchet strap to much it lifts the far leg. So just tight enough to keep all 3 legs down. I am impressed with the antivibration pads as they seem to really work. The high pitched sounds are gone and it is more of a lower pitched sound of the air compressor spinning at 2000 rpm. It really is better.
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