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I have never wanted, needed, or tried, to dry wood in a microwave. But when I first heard about that, I did a lot of reading on it. Forgot 99% of what I found out, but do recall that some of the wood was put in a paper bag with sawdust in it, then covered with sawdust, and dried in the microwave, don't recall any details. Seems to me that was used for green wood. What I do know is, if I wanted to dry wood with a microwave, I'd do a lot of reading of material posted by people who had actually done it. You'll also read about the mistakes many made learning how to do it.

However, it is most likely the wood is totally, ruined if it feels damp after 5 years, and utterly worthless to use. Your best bet is to forward it to me, for appropriate sacrifice to the Woodworking Gods - I am a High Priest, and will take care of all details. There is a time window on proper sacrifices, so send it quickly.
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