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Originally Posted by vchiarelli View Post
I can't see the far right of your page as your screenshot doesn't extend far enough.
Is this a personal computer and is there someone in your family that uses that login name on any other website? If yes, then, on the right hand side of the page, when you see this, you will see the option to "log out". Do that, then clear your browser's cache. Then when you log in you should have no problems and it should recognize you and you won't see that message.

Vince... my personel laptop...
No such issues with any other sites I go to...
No one else uses this laptop but me and certainly not under "jgapril" handle
Cache has been cleaned regularly. Issue has existed for last couple of weeks

The issue is not as problem when I LOG in.... when I do log in,,, no problems anywhere
Issue is when I am just browsing, stop in (without logging in) and this system see's me as "jgapril" active member in here

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