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[QUOTE=qulevrius;2024255]Well, as many have suggested, I started looking for an old, circa 70s-80s saw. Not even a week in, this is what I find on local CL:

The seller was practically giving it away, for $50. With original taper jig, wobbling dado set + throat plate and a few (crappy) blades. The table flatness is within 0.25mm (0.0098”) R to L, which is acceptable. The saw needs some moderate restoration to remove the rust, the casters need some serious work (or to be replaced altogether), the extension wings need adjusting, the fence will definitely get replaced and the bevel pulley handle is broken. But for the price, I feel like it’s a great find.

Any tips on this particular saw ?


Mine's a 113.298762 with a 2424 fence. As long as the trunion is ok and you got a little time and elbow grease you should be able to make a good tool. Good blades and fence make all the difference in the world.

Lots of parts for those on Ebay.


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