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Originally Posted by harrysin View Post
You have reminded me of being kitted out in Cardington for my two years national service in the RAF.
My father and his father both served in the RAF.

My father turned 18 on VJ Day so he missed the hostilities. He did his two years National Service in the RAF as an airframe mechanic.

My grandfather had a long career in the RAF *and it's predecessors*. He joined the RN before WW-I as a ship's boy. When the Fleet Air Arm was started he got into that as a mechanic. He went to the RAF when it was formed by the merger of the FAA & RFC. By the early 1930s he earned a commission and became a fighter pilot. (I have a propeller hub that is allegedly from the first aeroplane he crashed.) He was posted to Egypt sometime in the 1930s and stayed there for the duration of the war. He rose to a wartime flag officer rank, I'm not sure what level. He retired in the mid-1950s with the permanent rank of Wing Commander. He was born before the Wright Brothers' flight and lived long enough to see the first Moon landing.

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