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Originally Posted by MT Stringer View Post
... I like my design. I guess time will tell if moisture gets to the mdf. I painted all sides and edges to seal it as best as I can.

Hmm... I just picked up some Penetrating Epoxy to help seal a door on our shed
that has been seeing some water damage. Well, not damaged but you can see its
about to start to create problems. Some videos suggested to use Pene Epoxy if it
isnt too far gone, aka rotted.

I wonder how MDF would work w/ Pene epoxy? Have to dilute Parts A/B w/ Acetone
im reading. It's already soupy like unlike the build 50 epoxy. Couple of coats
and good sanding I guess.

Anyone use it? and for L/MDF?

I got some of this stuff

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