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Originally Posted by istracpsboss View Post
I'll have a look later, Peter. I've a Triton in mine but it is out at the moment while I'm fitting a Routerraizer, so I'll see how my 625 would fit.


Ok Pete thanks for that.

" see the photos

also helps to mark a line from the bracket across and on the router so you can line the bracket and the router up again in the same place if you need to take the router off "

I understand how the clamps, springs, metal plate etc all fit together. The instructions say to mount the router at an diagonal angle .In the new pictures I've taken , you can see there are only so many available clamp slots to put the clamp bolts in and then slide into postion on the edge of the router. Looking at the picture the bottom 3 clamps, it seems there is not enough clear space, without catching on router parts. To mount all the clamp parts one on top of the other.
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