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Originally Posted by istracpsboss View Post
I'll have a look later, Peter. I've a Triton in mine but it is out at the moment while I'm fitting a Routerraizer, so I'll see how my 625 would fit.


Hi Pete,
Pouring with rain today so far, much the same yesterday and quite windy both days.
I've repostioned the router horizontally to try to align with available clamping bolt slots, see these new photos.

In these photos you can see the available slots now available. Photo 003 the clamp on the bottom left, only the right side of it is making contact with the rim of the router, as on the otherside there is is a gap in the rim.

You can see this from a different angle in photo 005.
Same problem with another clamp, see photo 010 the left hand clamp. see another angle of this in 012 the bottom clamp can only make contact on half of rim because of the gap in the rim.

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