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Originally Posted by kp91 View Post
Just to be clear, is it harassment to politely ask someone for a general location? 'upstate New York', Northern Virginia, Poland, New Zealand, etc can allow contributors to give a lot more relevant advice. We've got members on this forum from all over the globe, and not all solutions are applicable worldwide.

I understand that if someone says 'no', that should be respected. I guarantee 99.44% of the time that the question, "where are you located?" is asked, it is for the benefit of the member being asked.

This issue is nothing worth anyone getting expelled from the forum over, as long as we all treat each other courteously and professionally.
While it would be ideal for members to share information, it's a reality that there are individuals who wish to opt-out. Members who refuse to respect those wishes will be spoken to individually to hopefully come to a peaceful resolution. I'm not interested in anyone leaving the community over such a minor issue. I'm just asking people to be respectful of each other and not over complicate the exchange of knowledge.

-- The below is not directed at anyone in particular, just individuals who keep pestering members for personal information --

If they refuse to supply adequate information (ie; Location) in order to come to an accurate answer. Then walk away, don't even post in the thread. Some members feel the need to be sarcastic and point out that the lack of a location is hindering them from answering the question. A post like that is counterproductive. If they wanted to share that information, they would have. If you're incapable of answering the question, walk away and don't post anything.

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