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I think there is evidence to support the belief that there is climate change going on and that climate change has been going on probably for as long as earth has been around. I also think there is evidence that what we are doing to our environment may play some role in that change. It seems that some folks can't wait to plunder the environment if there's a quick buck to be made, or to deny that change is either wise or beneficial as the change may negatively affect them. I have to go along with Rob and Malcolm in thinking that just because we may be don't totally understand the problem, we shouldn't try to limit the damage until we do. There's always a lot more that we need to learn about – remember that in 1491, it was pretty well agreed that the earth was flat and in 1900, 400 years later, it was the general consensus that it would be impossible for man to fly around the beach at Kitty Hawk, let alone fly to the moon. No one seemed to realize that drought, coupled with unsuitable farming methods, could lead to an environmental catastrophe like the Dust Bowl. Maybe if some combination of environmentalists and agronomists had been a little more active, the effects of the Dust Bowl could have been minimized or even substantially eliminated. A small change is better than no change.
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