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A while back I was out in the shop and could not find my regular ear plugs so I opened a package of those throw away orange ones. They just did not want to fit properly in my ears. Since they are some what pliable , I did manage to get them in a bit.
But when I turned the saw on it was very loud. As if the ear plugs did nothing to block the sound.
About that time, I realized that I already had my hearing aides in my ears and was attempting to stuff these plugs in with them.
Plus my regular ear plus were hanging around my neck where the usually are.
What do you suppose I am suffering with.
I strongly suspect that I have finally arrived at the point of my life where I am plagued with T.M.B.D.
I have always known this was going to come one day but I always hoped to hold it off longer.
Have any of you guys been diagnosed with this. I realize that this is a very touchy subject among men of all ages and that you may not want to admit to having it also.
I am sure that the majority of you guys have the same thing or are suffering the first symptoms of this terrible malady.


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