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I use worktunes over the ear Bluetooth muffs. I did a review on them a while back.

While I enjoy listening to the talk radio shows on them, I really rely on them to help me hear when the phone rings. They have great call clarity when used as a phone headset.

They are volume limited for music, so you can't blow your ear drums out with them.

My opinion on music in the shop is like everything, it can be good or bad. Music helps me focus, but it's got to be the right kind and volume. There is a reason surgeons play music in the operating rooms.

If the volume is under control, I can still hear the sounds of machines. If I was afraid of not being able to hear a machine I probably would worry about wearing anything that would get in the way.... AKA hearing protection in general.

We do put indicating lamps on the stationary machines at work so you can "see" if a grinder is left running if you can't hear it. That is something I have pondered doing with the table saw at home.

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