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Spitball answer:

3/8, 1/4,1/8 round over
1/2 in flush trim
1/2 in pattern bit
1/2 and 1/4 in endmill
45 deg chamfer
Roman ogee
cove bit.

A surface planing bit would be nice, but I wouldn't put it in the top ten

As far as bit makers go, I am not that picky. I shoot for a balance of price and quality, but also availability. I like Magnate, Centurion, Whiteside and the other "upper shelf" brands, but have had surprisingly good luck with Grizzly "purple" bits, the "wood River" bits from Woodcraft (when they are on sale), Woodline, Oldham, etc. I have had mixed results with Eagle America ( shank was undersized), and didn't like the cheap MLCS bits.

Between estate sales, wood show deals, and the like I have bits of all makes and color, and most can be made to cut pretty well.

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