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Hi Roger

I see your problem I would suggest you just build a simple box to hold a router table plate (see below from MLCS or Ptree), the new fixture you have needs all the height you can give it, the 3/16" router bits are not that tall to start with..and the plate and the hole for the guide must be dead on..a simple apple box for the router table will work just fine, see below for a simple apple box table made out of some 3/4" MDF..

All-In-One Router Plate Kit

Router accessories

Ryobi 32 in. x 16 in. Intermediate Router Table - A25RT02 at The Home Depot


Originally Posted by rbevz View Post
Because I'm new to woodworking, I'm not sure which direction to head with this one ...input MORE than welcome.

I have a Ryobi intermediate router table A25RT02, seemed like a nice starter table with a lot of features, (flatness issues now known, but that is for another thread).

A few weeks ago I purchased Peachtree's "Fast-Joint" system/jig. Which requires a supplied standard 1 3/8" OD Bushing to make lots of neat joinery using a router table.

My Ryobi table didn't come with any inserts that support a standard bushing..and after hours of research I can't seem to find any.

I tried to use a forestner bit to create a 1/8" deep lip in one of my insert plugs that fit the bushing. But after the fact I realized the 3 plastic clips which hold the plug onto the insert plate probably weren't very safe.

Ryobi's table insert plate is diamond shaped and they don't seem to make a bushing guide insert for this table (Unless I just haven't found one yet)

So I have some options ..I can buy a $24 chunk of pvc with a bushing hole in it from Peachtree which clamps onto my table covering every inch of the 32"X16" table (voiding any of my tables features).

I have considered..purchasing this pvc table top and using my existing insert as a template, flush trim it to drop into my table BUT risk making an error with bushing hole centering or mounting screw hole placement and ruining the plate.(I haven't had much luck cutting PVC with any precision.)

Or I could try to fabricate a new insert plate to fit the diamond shaped hole from plywood or mdf (problematic on many fronts).

Or I could buy a table insert kit. (square with round hole for bushing inserts.) and using method above fabricate a diamond shaped insert to then fit the square insert into to fit the bushing ...ARRGGHHH!

Please if someone has a better idea or a solution in mind I am ALL EARS.

I just want to be able to fit a standard bushing onto my router table..that is secure and flush so I can use my $170 joinery system.

(I know you must be chuckling "What a newbie" ..which is painfully accurate.)
But like I said I'm new so any help would be very much appreciated.

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