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Hi Mike

Nice setup , I have a question for you did the plate come predrilled for the crank hole for the lift..

Mike ,,you may want to check out the link below, the little add on part for the crank will let you turn it when the bit is under the fence like it is most of the time..

It would be a easy fix if you could just turn the router and remount it and just drill a new hole for the crank hole but it looks like you don't have the room behind the router to turn it to the right place.
(hole, front side ,right corner)


Originally Posted by the202 View Post
I recently purchased a new Router Table from Joe at Although I initially considered building a table, I wanted to get up and running quickly, so I decided buying a near-complete cabinet would be my best option.

I'm very impressed with the table, the fit and finish are very nice and its extremely well built. It arrived sanded but with no finish and requires the aluminum mounting plate to be custom drilled to suite your router. I chose to pair it with a Triton MOF001.

It's taken me a few weeks to get everything unpacked, fitted, and finished. I added a few accessories: feather-boards, a dust collection adapter, and a collet wrench. It shipped from Canada and made it to Cincinnati in about 10 days without damage. Overall I'm very excited and can't wait to use it.

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