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Originally Posted by bobj3 View Post

Nice setup , I have a question for you did the plate come predrilled for the crank hole for the lift..
Hi Bob, and thanks.

No, I drilled the crank hole in addition to the mounting holes and countersinks. The Triton router had a small semi-circular relief in its base that accommodates the crank arm. I used that relief to figure out where to drill the shaft hole.

I later learned from Joe that he can pre-drill the plate for certain routers such as the Triton - evidently it's a frequently used router for this type of setup.

Edit: Bob, after looking through the link you provided (what a great crank handle modification by the way, I will probably end up doing something like that) and seeing some pictures of other Triton mounting configurations, I see why you asked about the mounting hole. Had I rotated the router about 90 degrees counter clockwise, I could have a more forward position for the crank arm.

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