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Originally Posted by distrbd View Post
I just wanted to thank you Ron for making this manual available ,I recently got an older version of this bandsaw(Trademaster Model# TMWA 14DM)and had not hope of finding a manual for it until I found your posts about all these old Elephant brand bandsaws and found the above manual being the closest to my machine,and that's all I needed,just a general idea of what and where the parts are or how the pulleys are connected for multiple speed, etc.
You have accumulated a great source of information and I just wanted to thank you for the time and the effort you must have put in to it.
Hi Ken:

Just a note. Most of the manuals noted on the page are applicable, in some way, to your's. Most of the manuals are current. There is a good possibility that parts for your's are available from other vendors currently selling the same machine. I should comment that things like bearings, blade guides, blades, upper wheel sliding blocks are all common parts and inventoried even by blade specialty houses.

I'm glad it was of some help.

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