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Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post
I went to a tools shop today for buying a router, but hesitate to take the decision. I thought the best to do is to ask advice to the experts on this forum.
I have a Ryobi R152, 750 watt since 1998. I saw a Bosch 1400watt / 8mm thickness for the shaft fixing and a Black & Decker 1600watt and up to 12mm shaft, it look bigger and stronger. Which must I buy. I will keep the Ryobi for freehand routing and is willing to buy a router, with which I can do heavy jobs, and also be able to fixe it on a table. The Black&Decker seems ok. What do you think? Thanks in advance
I have that Bosch router, actually the earlier 1300 watt version. For the price, it's a pretty good router. It has all the features that a high end router has, just less power.
After lock fine height adjust, built in lights, soft start and constant speed control, variable speed, and a 6 step depth stop.

I have yet to use a bit that doesn't fit through the base hole, and in fact I doubt there is an 8mm bit that is too big for it. It's not like you would consider using to make raised panel doors.
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