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Default Routing regular dado in small profile stock


I making a rack where the framing is 15mm x 20mm. There are 6 pieces of framing, each about 500mm long. I have to route a series of shallow (2mm) 10mm wide slots in the framing - with 10mm between each slot. I've calculated there are about 140 slots that need to be cut!!

What's the best way to do this? I assume with the router in handheld mode, with an custom made base plate that has a 10mm wide guide strip attached to the underside, leaving a 10mm gap between edge of the 10mm bit and the guide strip?

I also have a router table - but can't see how that can be used in this instance.


PS - have attached a pic that may help explain it. The length of the framing is not to scale - however the height/depth of slot/spacing of slot is.
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