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Originally Posted by matt1710 View Post
Will it matter if I install my mitre track so that only one end is "open"? By "open", I mean that the mitre's machine bar could only be slid in from one end - in this case the in-feed end. I'm aware that I can drop it in too - however this is more tricky (but still possible) with the T-slot track and machine bar.

My table is about 880mm long. The longest section of mitre track I could buy here, was 800mm. So unless I cut the table down to 800mm, I'm faced with either having both ends of the track "closed in" - or one end "open" and the other "closed in". As I see it, it won't matter - once the gauge itself is level with the bit - I don't need to push it further past. With the gauge level with the bit, there's plenty of clearance between the end of the machine bar and the end of the mitre track on the out feed side. There's potentially more of an issue with how far back from the bit I can pull the mitre gauge, on the in-feed side of the table - for that reason I'm leaning towards having that end of the track "open". That way, I can draw the mitre gauge back as much as necessary - for example to allow for routing of wide stock.

A speedy answer would be great as I want to route this over the weekend!


PS - I'm a RT newbie, so please don't assume I know too much about it - I've done some reading but am still very much learning about it.
Hi Matt - your best option would be to find a shorter section of track and butt that in. In the meantime, I would definitely open the end up. You don't want to be concentrating on the cutter and hitting an abrupt stop.

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