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I mostly do repetitive cuts, of 1"x3"x8's or 2"x3"x8's, so for a project I might have to cut 20 pieces of 1x3x24"long and some with the same project 45degree miters for corners of different lengths... I use my router to cut out 3/4"x3/4" grooves to fit the 1x3 into the 2x3 for a flush look ....

eventually Ill buy a table saw... I had one(evolv craftsman cheapest one on sale) but I returned it because it couldn't hold dados the arbor was too short...

I don't use my tools a lot so low end craftsman works well for me, but Ill have to buy the $250+ one to use dados... I think it might be faster and more accurate to get the same exact cuts, and dados can do deeper cuts faster than the router?
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