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Hi Jim

Here's some text from the manual, it's hard to get it down at 1st.but it will hit you like a rock once you use it a time or two.

HOPE THIS HELPS, have fun.

" in The second and remaining cuts are made in
the same manner as the first cut. The index
pin should be disengaged and the workpiece
revolved to the next position. The index
positions are numbered 1 through to 24;
always divide the number of spirals into 24
and that will give you the start number, then
simply follow the ‘times table’ for sequence of
index points. Examples:

Spirals Division Start number
required on index
8 24 8 = 3 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc,
6 24 6 = 4 4, 8, 12, 16 etc
if you want 4 Spirals,start with the number 6 and make your 1st.pass and then move the pin to the next number and so on. 6 then 12 then 18 then 24 you will end up at the 6 pin spot to make one more clean pass.
It's all based on the 24 or to say div.on the 24
4 24 4 = 6 6, 12, 18, 24
3 24 3 = 8 8, 16, 24

Do not stop turning the handle
whilst the cutter is in the work.
If for some reason you do not
want to complete the cut, lift
the router up off the workpiece
and return it to the tailstock
end. Do not turn the handle
backwards with the router
cutter in contact with the
workpiece, as this may cause
an inconsistent spiral, thus
ruining the workpiece.
n After the first cut has been made and the
router has been turned off, return it to the left
end of the workpiece and take note of the
index number.
When roping or routing spirals,
always move the router from
tailstock to headstock
direction, otherwise an
inaccurate cut will be

Originally Posted by James R View Post
I purchased a Sears Router Lathe of ebay a little while ago, I've read the instructions and the ones that were shared on here ( Thank You )
What I'm confused about is the numbering on the end, I don't quite understand
I received the patterns with the equipment, but I don't see what to set to achieve the outcome. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Upstate, NY

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