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Thanks, Otis.
The stop/overhead road sign is a good idea.
Stockroom Supply sells a pair of rollers for use on their "V" Sander. I have a pair.
I'm thinking some sort of a 2 lane bridge (your sign analogy is sticking in my brain) spanning the belt to attach those rollers...maybe six or so (3 and 3).
I have a set of those "Board Buddies" rollers for the table saw. The way they are built, they both must go on the same side (on the TS fence). Consequently, they will not work opposite each other.
There is a table saw out feed doo-hickey that has 6 or 8 rollers in a frame supported on an adjustable leg. A system like that might work, over the sanding bed. Whaddya think?
I'm open to anything. (At 71 I can say that without getting in too much trouble )

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