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Hi Rob

The 2 3/8" nails will do the job just fine,put them on 6" centers you can use screws but it's a over kill thing the norm,it's just a small cabin ,,right most of the nails now days are ring shank type,made for that type of job

as a side note,the nail-er are fun to use,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang, take that, I recall the 1st time I used mine I must have used 1/2 big Box of 3 1/4" long nails,it was so neat to drive in a 3" nail with just a shot of air..


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I'm soon going to be making the subfloor for my cabin to be (hurray!) I'm having a hard time finding nails for my air nailer - I've found some 2 3/8" straight shank galvanized nails, should these be sufficient? By code, the nails only need to be 50mm long, but the straight shank is throwing me off. I'm sure they'll be fine, but I was wondering what you guys thought.

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